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Volunteering at CCMP

Volunteer Opportunities at Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula

Monthly I-Help Dinner
We host the I-HELP dinner the second Wednesday of every month.

I-HELP stands for Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program and is a program of Shelter Outreach   
Plus.  It offers single homeless men shelter, food, and support at area churches and temples, which host the
men one night each month.  The men need to meet certain criteria to be involved in the program.  Shelter
Outreach Plus provides transportation to the church by van.  They eat and sleep there, then receive a simple
breakfast “to-go” of cereal bars, fruit and milk in the morning before they leave.   

At a typical I-HELP dinner at Community Church, the men arrive around 6:15 p.m and are served dinner.
Volunteers are encouraged to eat supper with the men, although not everyone needs to.   No clean-up is
involved – the men do it themselves. If you would like to participate, please contact
Dolores Joblon at
(831) 484-2489.

Givingtree Benefit Shop
Our new shop opened in November 2014 and we have a great need for volunteers to help, both at the cash
register and in the sorting and pricing room.  It's a fun place, and "many hands make light work!"     
Please call the shop at 624-3060 if you can volunteer!

Property Projects
Property Steward Peggy Kuck
gladly welcomes anyone who would like to lend a hand in caring for our beautiful
church campus.  The all-volunteer crew appreciates help from more people able to chip in on cleaning, painting,
grounds maintenance, or any special projects (no experience required!).  Please call Carole in the church office,
Church Location and Directions
Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula 4590 Carmel Valley Road, PO Box 222811 Carmel, CA 93922         (831) 624-8595    FAX: (831) 624-8927