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The Community Church Healing Prayer Teams ground their work in the belief that God wants all people
to be whole. We affirm that healing of people's bodies and minds and souls was central to the ministry of Jesus.
Like Jesus, we long for wholeness for our brothers and sisters.

We do not consider ourselves "healers." Rather, we believe that the light of God's love is what heals people.
We consider ourselves lenses, and our work—our prayer—is a way to polish the lens in order to focus the
light more clearly.

Healing, as we understand it, is not curing, and it is not confined to physical recovery. Since God alone
understands what it means for each of us to be whole, we generally pray for that wholeness rather than
specific physical cures. But we never set a limit on what God can do!


If you have come for healing prayer, please remember that prayer is not a substitute for proper medical and
psychological care. We urge you to make full use of the resources available, and we would be happy to
provide you with names and phone numbers of community resources if you need them. Please call the church
office if you would like further information, or if you would like follow-up pastoral care.


During the time of healing prayer, we will ask you to hold a thought or a feeling. After we have prayed with
you, we would like to suggest that you pray daily, both to thank God for the healing that is taking place and
to start focusing the light of God's love more clearly within yourself. Included below are prayers that focus  
on one's self as well as prayers that focus on others, as we often find that when we are anxious or worried,
praying for others can relieve our anxiety.


Celtic Prayer 1
Christ be with me, Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me, Christ beside me,
Christ to win me, Christ to comfort and restore me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger, Christ in hearts of all that love me, Christ in mouth of friend
and stranger.

Celtic Prayer 2
God to enfold you, God to surround you, God in your speaking, God in your thinking.
God in your sleeping, God in your waking, God in your watching, God in your dreaming.
God in your life, God in your lips, God in your hands, God in your heart.
God in your sufficing, God in your slumber, God in your ever-living soul, God in your eternity.

Julian of Norwich's Prayer
All shall be well, and All shall be well, and
All manner of thing shall be well.

The Buddhist Prayer
May (I) be free from fear.
May (I) be free from suffering.
May (I) be happy.
May (I) be filled with loving-kindness.
(Repeat this prayer four times. The first time, pray for yourself; then for someone you love, someone you
don't know, and finally for someone you don't like.)
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