Our Campaign on Behalf of Women Alive!:
Our Mission Outreach at Dorothy’s Place Continues!
Update  7/1/2011 by Carolyn Gray, CCMP Missions Department member

CCMP Volunteers Pastor Paul, George Brehmer,
Debbie Peterson, Richard and Carolyn Gray
used two trucks and two cars to deliver the cots,
pillows and bedding. That night’s shelter aide wrote:
Links:        Dorothy's Place                       Women Alive!
(831) 659-1469
“Overall the ladies seem more comfortable
and wake up more refreshed than when using
mats. Plus, being off the floor is healthier and
more hygienic. I am writing as most of guests
are asleep and the lights off so I didn’t get
around the thank you notes, but in terms of
gratitude, the feeling is the present and the
expression essential.”
We have collected approximately half of the monies so far and donations continue to arrive.
Thank you to all for your wonderful donations!  We hope you enjoy these photos of Delivery Day
as much as we do!
Other Donations:  
All the toiletry items and clothing have been gratefully received and are meeting the current
needs.  Thank you to everyone who participates in this Mission Outreach Project.

Here is an updated list of the current needs:
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, disposable razors, towels, hand towel, wash cloth.
Old dish cloths or towels to be used as rags. Two card tables to play games on.
The shelter is decorated with inspirational art, including
a photograph of Dorothy herself,  seen between
policemen and with farmworkers behind her (right).
25 Cots have been delivered in response to Director Patricia’s wish list!   
Everyone at Dorothy's Place had many thanks and praise for those who supported
and donated the cots.