Women Alive!
Members of the CCMP Missions department have
been helping the homeless women in the
program at Dorothy's Place in Salinas in a
variety of ways.

Each evening at 7 p.m., homeless women are
welcomed at the shelter where they share a
dinner meal, have showers and sleep in a safe
environment. They read, listen to music, watch a
movie, play games and may have a cup of tea
before settling down for the night in reclining camp
cots (
see story) made available through donations
coordinated by the CCMP Missions department

and meals to the women in the program, held a
"spa makeover," and thrown a PJ party!  
Volunteers from CCMP have served tea parties
Volunteers continue to find ways to make the lives
of Women Alive! clients more comfortable.
For more information,
or if you are interested in doing
any volunteer work at Dorothy’s,
please feel free to contact the
CCMP Missions department through
Carolyn  (831) 659-1469
Links:         Dorothy's Place                 Women Alive!
Dorothy Day, 1934

Click here for a list of items (many gently used) which you can donate to help Dorothy's Place create this space.  Please share this list
with any of your friends or groups of friends who may be interested in helping these homeless women.  Donations can be brought to
the Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula, 4590 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel (next to Rancho Canada) and they will be
delivered to the
Women Alive! program, weekly.  
The Spa
PJ Party
Renovations and