Above: Elizabeth, Paul, daughter Bridey,
daughter-in-law Julie and son James when
Paul was welcomed to CCMP in 2010.  
Below:  Grandson Emmett
Born a Catholic, who later evolved into a
mainstream Protestant, Paul was ordained by
the United Church of Christ and has been a
pastor at several churches in Oregon and in
Pennsylvania. He served the First United Church
of Christ near Pittsburgh from 1986 to early
2010, before answering the call to become
permanent pastor at CCMP.

Paul's wife Elizabeth  is also an ordained UCC
minister, former hospice chaplain, and an
accomplished artist.  In March 2011 she became
a pastoral associate with CCMP.  They have
three adult children, all of whom now live on the
West Coast.
Rev. Paul Wrightman graduated from Stanford University with distinction
and departmental honors, and earned his M.A., Summa Cum Laude, at
Chicago Theological Seminary  His work at various prestigious institutions
since then is approximately the equivalent of a Divinity Doctorate.  While
in Pennsylvania he taught classes in the New Testament and in
Systematic Theology at the Penn West Academy for Ministry, and has
written two books on St. Paul.  
Known since arrival in Carmel for his thought-provoking sermons, including themes of what Jesus
actually said and why, social justice, the Beatitudes, Twelve Steps, Ten Commandments and more,
Paul also leads weekly classes.  See
calendar for more details, or join us any Sunday!
From Paul's "statement on ministry":  
Ministry is about creating and nurturing an intergenerational community of storytellers who are
blessings to themselves and to others. . . . With the exception of fundamentalism in its numerous
manifestations, gone for many are the certainties of the past.
. . . The greatest challenge facing many local churches is to provide a third option by reviving the
narrative of the radical early church (with) justice, nonviolence, community, and a lively diversity
within unity.