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Children's Ministry
Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula 4590 Carmel Valley Road, PO Box 222811 Carmel, CA 93922         (831) 624-8595    FAX: (831) 624-8927
A little background on this program:

The creator of Godly Play, Jerome Berryman, originally wanted to call his idea “Godly Work,”
in the Montessori tradition of respecting children’s play as their very real work, but ultimately
decided that title would leave out the playful and wonder-filled nature of our relationship
with God.

Godly Play is a way to give the stories of the Bible and our church to our children so that they
are written on their hearts.  Our hope is that the children will discover meaning, and  delight
in their ongoing engagement with the mystery of the presence of God. The stories in Godly
Play were  chosen especially for children to help them know the sacred stories of our faith,
from creation to the beginning of the Christian Church.

Lessons include Old Testament as well as New Testament stories, lessons on Baptism, Holy  
Eucharist, the Liturgical calendar and the Parables of Jesus.  Children are invited to respond
to the stories by  doing what comes naturally:  play!  

Click here for a short video describing Godly Play.  
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Godly Play
the Sunday School program of Community Church

Bible Stories simply and gently told in the Montessori style
with beautifully crafted wooden and felt pieces
Families begin the worship service together in the Sanctuary to
share music, prayers, and a  special children's time with Linda
Lyon, then the children and Linda move to the their own special
room for Godly Play  during the rest of the service.